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Remedyy Is The Best Way To Sell Your Timeless Pre-Owned
And Vintage Furniture, Art And Home Decor

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Selling & Consignment

All of the items you are selling or consigning must be in good enough condition to resell. If we offer to consign your item, we will send you a contract to sign, and our team will make arrangements for pickup. All items must be valued at $300 or more. In some cases, we may not have a fit for your furniture. Items with large tears, scratches, holes, and odd smells will unfortunately not be accepted. If something is designed to have a distressed, worn, or antique look, please indicate this in the Seller's Form. All initial pickups are free. If your item does not sell or you would like it back, there is a return fee of $60. In special cases such as picking up a large number of items or unusually heavy furniture, we will generally take 30% of the total sale of a consignment, plus any fees discussed prior to signing our contract.

All consignments run for 60 days. If we can't sell your item within 60 days, we will contact you regarding lowering the price or returning your item. If you choose not to re-list with us, we will deliver the item back to you for a small $60 fee. We can also donate your item to charity. If your item does not sell after 60 days, we will contact you regarding future options. If we do not hear back from you via phone or email for 30 days after the initial 60-day period, we will assume you have forfeited the item and we will give it away.

If we decide to buy your item, all purchases are final. We reserve the right to cancel a purchase offer if we arrive for pickup and items are different than the description and pictures uploaded to your Seller's Form. All offers will be made via email.

Remedyy also specializes in estate sales and office liquidations. For further information, please email us at Sales@remedyy.com.


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